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Why Yieldport

Biggest collective

The biggest collective of investment opportunities, not traded on the traditional markets. Divided in to equity, loans, deposits and minibonds investors get a clear view on how you can generate yield using these investment types. Find opportunities by choosing an investment category, sector preference and country. Invest and create a cross-border alternative investment portfolio.

Strong Community

With all the new investing possibilities, it is hard to find out what suits you. At yieldport we don’t rate investments or give advice. We let our community discuss the opportunities so a better decision can be made prior to an investment.
We will support with news articles, experts on sectors specfic investments and indepth analysis to create a clear view on the markets.

Easy & Convenient

How much more easier and fun can investing be. After you have created an account you can start following opportunities, and choose your favourite segments. You will receive valuable insights based on your personal preferences. Yieldport is the platform to keep track, analyse and discuss your alternative investment portfolio. New opportunities are automatically added several times a day.

Project examples

cover_image_260520161817 Equity
Source: Crowdcube
Target Raised
£700.000 £975.100
Start date End date
30 June
30 June
dashboard_logo_Vakantieweb_vakantieweb_flat Equity
Source: My Micro Invest
Target Raised
€0 €206.000
Start date End date
24 October
3 December

Find Your Yield Opportunity

Yieldport creates transparancy in the availability of alternative investment opportunities. Taking away the burden of having to go through all websites or funding portals, we offer a search engine so you can easily find investments. A investment type, sector and country filter are available to narrow down the search. Each investment type can be recognised by a different colour label.

Let’s get started….