Yieldport is the fastest growing community for disruptive finance on the Web. Founded in 2016, Yieldport covers all aspects of new finance & Fintech including debt/peer-to-peer, minibonds, real estate, marketplace lending, equity crowdfunding as well as the businesses that support the world of new finance. Our coverage is global with a EU perspective

We have taken disruptive finance to a new level by applying the best social networking functionality available to the financial vertical. We offer a platform for business, finance professionals and fellow enthusiasts to exchange ideas and information. Yieldport understands how people consume financial content online, and makes its focus on user experience an obsession. Products and tools such our investment groups, allow users to communicate and interact with each other in real time.
There is no other financial community like Yieldport on the Internet, where you can reach the most affluent and engaged users online.

Yieldport ranks highly for subjects regarding disruptive finance which is beneficial for individuals or companies interested in promoting their brand, services or campaign to people and companies interested in disruptive finance.

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Advertorial (on news section and in weekly mail)          EUR 950,-

Sponsored content benefits from the high profile position, associated editorial content and long tail search indexing. Sponsored advertising is labeled as sponsored. All editorial content submitted for sponsored placement must be vetted by our editorial staff and may be edited. Links to your product or service will be included in the content. To guarantee the best exposure sponsored content will remain on site, on the home page, for 3 continuous days from the point of publishing live on the site. The editorial content will be referenced on the Yieldport Facebook page along as well as Twitter to our followers plus a Leaderboard (600 x 90 px) static display ad in our weekly outbound email (as available).

Editorial creation of the content is included in the price.