To discuss Crowdfunder and their investment opportunities

Turn upcoming designers and new brands into fashion

The science of building devices that physically interact with their environment

All about the newest technologies and matters that disrupt traditional finance

General Yieldporters group. The place to say hello, introduce yourself and get to know each other.

Have you seen an interesting project that we missed? Let us know and we’ll see if we can add it to our system.

All about Crowdcube and their investment opportunities

To discuss the platform and the investment opportunities on Symbid.

Real estate as collateral in a p2p loan takes away some risk and creates a fixed income investment through rental of the property.

Talk about investment opportunities in movies, music, newspapers, new media and more.

What products will drive the next generation? Discuss exciting new trends and invest accordingly.

Imagine if you were involved in the early stage development of Facebook or WhatsApp. Scroll through the latest ’social’ enterprises. From block chain connected communities to platforms to shared bill apps.