Well-positioned to seize the opportunities ahead.

Since the end of 2015 we have been building this platform in alternative finance investments. Thorough research and an experienced team both in finance and software development has put us in the front seat to capitalize on opportunities associated with this growing, and prosperous market. Today, broad trends based on economics, yields and corporate finance especially in European en US markets, are driving the huge savings market toward alternative ways to create yield. Further, technological advances and new financial infrastructure are opening and expanding markets throughout the world.

We believe Yieldport is exceptionally well-positioned to seize these opportunities. In doing so, we will fulfill our mission of helping to improve transparency in alternative finance investments everywhere around the globe.


Over the long-term, favorable tailwinds hold great promise for our company.

For starters, ever lower interest rates are creating a real problem for general households, family wealth, pensions and asset managers. With banks lending even more constraint  due to the new Basel 3 ruling and the ECB pushing rates down due to quantitative easing, companies will keep having difficult access to capital through traditional ways.

On the other end of the scope we have all these new innovative ways to generate yield. From crowdfunding and P2P lending to mini-bonds and shared property investments. The offer is huge and the amount of cash pouring in is growing at a three digit pace year on year. We will provide the overview and transparency with our community platform, enabling people and professionals to research and invest wisely.

Society is becoming more mobile, too, and increasingly rooted in urban areas. This will make it easier for us to get in touch with our ground base and in turn lower our marketing efforts. Also people will be more agile to invest directly via their mobile or internet linked devices than before. Banks and traditional financial institutions are less and less needed.

All this supports our belief that Yieldport will benefit from a rising need for innovative ways to find yield in the years ahead.

Growth businesses – Community platforms – are in the best position to capitalize on global growth and development created by these economic trends. They’ll fuel our success as we help meet the challenges of increased need for yield.

Complementary businesses – Big data – support and enhance our worldwide channel development. They defend and grow market share in specific, targeted markets, while enhancing our financial performance.

Supporting businesses – Events and the Intelligent Solutions – strengthen and differentiate our other solutions.

For the past year, we have built and financed a platform like no other. Yieldport has the biggest alternative investment offering. We gather transparency by making people discuss and analyze through our community. People can built their own little VC investment groups and leverage their knowledge and capital. This is first and unique in the world. We must leverage and build on these core strengths.

Future successes, though, will demand even more of us. Therefore, we’re building our strength in four additional capabilities: Delivering Measurable Customer Value, Technology and Analytics Leadership, Best-in-class Integrated Solutions and Winning in Aftermarket. These success factors are critical in order to achieve sustainable shareholder value growth through innovation and disciplined expansion.