Retail participation in senior secured corporate debt

Wisealpha added on Yieldport

Great to have WiseAlpha added to our aggregator under the section minibonds.

Minibonds in general are more established businesses and mostly required to have an approved prospectus in place by the financial regulator in the country of operation.

Some exchanges have popped up over the last years such as Npex in The Netherlands offering a marketplace. Although this is not always the case, it does increase transparency and it feels like lower risk is involved if securities are tradeable.

WiseAlpha opens up the traditional bond market by letting (retail) investors participate in blue chip (UK) corporates alongside institutional investors. While these securities were previously only available for investments from 100k and up, they have lowered the threshold for the common man to join and achieve attractive returns from as little as 100GBP.

The minibonds they offer are recognisable by the focus on high quality borrowers, asset security, comprehensive due diligence and the typical borrower structure of senior secured loans.

On top of this they cater for liquidity by their internal marketplace allowing other users to purchase from one another. This is of great importance, as liquidity is still one of the major concerns in the alternative finance market.