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Tesla Model 3 launched

Last week Elon’s dream car, the Tesla Model 3, came to market. The first 30 cars were symbolically handed over to its employees and what a game changer this one is.

The Model 3 is meant to be the mass-market electric vehicle, bringing people who couldn’t afford one entry into the market.

So what better moment to write something about disruptive transport, as for the ones who didn’t ride Tesla’s stock rise (currently trading at $319) there is enough opportunities in transport out there.


First of all Mistergreen has just succesfully closed a funding round to purchase 30 Tesla’s. They have become market leader in The Netherlands in lease constructions for the Tesla brand.
Interesting loan, 4 years against 5.5% and for the ones that got involved, you are participating in an electric (car) future.

More disruption ahead

Transport industry chiefs acknowledge that next generations will own fewer cars, and that sharing car rides, either driven or electric (or who knows flying), will be the norm.

The traditional car brands will continue to produce better cars while the big tech companies will transform transport to a whole other level.

In a recent interview, the MD of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz) said their competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obviously), Google, Apple and Amazon.

The future of sustainable mobility

As Tesla is clearly heading the way when it comes to electric cars, the future of sustainable mobility has a few major challengers.

Be it biofuel, hybrids, fully electric batteries, fully electric hydrogen and even sustainable public transport there is more companies engaging to be part of this revolution.

As there is clearly a lot going on, this is a very interesting sector to follow indeed. Feel free to join our transport community group and stay up to date of related news and opportunities.

Open transport opportunities

Close to home we have disruptive transport players such as Dutch company Bolt, ‘The Dutch Tesla on two wheels’.

After priviously raising €1 Million on Leapfunder in 2015 and having succesfully brought their product to market, Bolt is now raising €15 Million to setup up their automated production line in a stock offering.

For the ones looking for a safer option in the form of senior secured corporate debt, WiseAlpha has a Aston Martin bond maturing in ’22 in which you can participate.

So why wait for the Tesla 4 for excitement, enough (investment) opportunities around.

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