Why self-management in finance is vital and includes P2P investing

Traditional wealth mangers and asset managers are failing in their performance and are desperately looking for alternatives. Pension funds who should be taking care of your financial future are performing miserably.

Market outlook

We have been on a bull run for 10 years and most indicators are showing we very close to a major market slip off. With the rate hikes expected in the coming months markets will go down, bond yields will rise a bit, but won’t reach the levels necessary for the fund’s performance.

At least not in the foreseeable future in the traditional asset classes. Also taking into account current recession indicators and the ongoing geopolitical tension the outlook for traditional markets don’t look gloomy.

The push into alternative asset classes

Money managers are pouring money in to alternative asset classes in the fastest pace ever. The push from institutional players to invest in the alternative asset class of P2P investing is just starting, due to size and the lack of a standardized due diligence. This said institutional investors are trying to work closely together with the major P2P platforms to create financial tools and products to join the yields offered.

The good thing is all these yield opportunities are available for you. Asset classes which were before not available for retail investors and controlled by banks, P2P offers the opportunity to invest alongside institutional investors available in smaller clips.
Just as by law you are an area professional money managers don’t dare to advise.

Sunshine ahead

We created Yieldport as an directory to guide you and let you compare platforms and discuss this within our community. We are consistently adding new platforms.
We envision a future were people want and will take care of themselves, not waiting for money managers as they have proven to react too late.

A maturing market is aiding to transparency.
New technologies will disruptive the market further. Blockchain could aid in pressing out the middle man further towards a perfect p2p finance society matching yield to risk.
It will be easier to invest in foreign platforms in a cross-border approach, just like investing in foreign stocks, traded on exchanges in other countries.

Join our journey, be a first mover, explore the exciting world of P2P finance, before the traditional money managers will pour money in, pushing the current yields down.